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Eben Alexander

Living in a Mindful Universe

General Session | Saturday | Keynote Presentation | Live Stream

In 2008, Dr. Eben Alexander’s brain was severely damaged by a devastating case of bacterial meningitis, and he lapsed into a week-long coma. It was almost certainly a death sentence, but Dr. Alexander miraculously survived – and brought back with him an astounding story (told in his best-seller Proof of Heaven: A Neurosurgeon’s Journey into the Afterlife). During seven days in coma, he was plunged into the deepest realms of consciousness, and came to understand profound truths about the universe we inhabit. What he learned completely violated everything he ever knew about brain, mind and consciousness, and drove him to question some of the most fundamental assumptions of conventional science, leading to a complete flip from his former worldview. The entire scientific community is facing a similar conundrum: how to explain that consciousness is merely a byproduct of the brain when overwhelming evidence suggests otherwise. Ultimately, direct experience is key to fully understanding how we are all connected through the binding force of unconditional love and its unlimited power to heal. Dr. Alexander will speak about his experience since his NDE and his observations about consciousness, mindfulness, healing and love. The objectives are:

  1. Compare the conventional neuroscientific view of “brain creates consciousness” with the filter theory,
  2. Explain how NDEs and other spiritually transformative experiences are important indicators of consciousness, and
  3. Discuss ways to meditate, the value of mindfulness for daily life, and some of the related benefits of meditation to conscious awareness and well-being.

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Mark Anthony

Debunking Death: Near-death Experiences and the Light of Quantum Consciousness

General Session | Friday | Keynote Presentation | Live Stream

Since the dawn of recorded history, millions of people worldwide have described Near-Death Experiences. These Spiritually Transformative Experiences include encounters with spirits of deceased loved ones. Using a colorful and dynamic PowerPoint presentation, paranormal expert and spiritual bestselling author Mark Anthony, the Psychic Lawyer® (aka the Psychic Explorer®) will deliver an uplifting, enlightening and fascinating presentation about how quantum physics offers credible validation for the existence of the soul, the afterlife, spirit communication, karma, reincarnation and the reality of Near-Death Experiences. Mark Anthony’s research is based on science, theoretical physics, human physiology and credible evidence. This groundbreaking and uplifting journey into the Light bridges the gap between the scientific and the spiritual and removes fear and superstition surrounding spirit contact. This inspiring, informative and entertaining event is for all people of all belief systems.

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P.M.H. Atwater

A Manual for Developing Humans

General Session | Sunday | Concurrent Presentation

A Manual for Developing Humans is the third book PMH Atwater was told to write during her third near-death experience. What she came to call “The Voice Like None Other,” told her to become a researcher. After nearly 40 years of work, 15 books on the subject resulting from her studies of nearly 4,000 adult and child experiencers, she discovered that the phenomenon actually reveals more about life than it does death, and what it reveals is startling. Each of us is challenged to realize that revelations given are not about becoming more spiritual, but becoming more fully human. In ancient times, the sound of god was “Hu,” the idea of “Hu-Man” was that of “God-Man, God-Woman.” Every religion and transformational episode throughout the ages has taught this…we are gods in the making. From the passion of her own experiences and through those of others, we glimpse the power of love in action and the depths of what it means to find healing in a Light beyond description.

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Larry Dossey

Consciousness, Love, and Healing

General Session | Thursday | Special Presentation | Live Stream

Several lines of evidence suggest that consciousness is fundamental and nonlocal in space and time, therefore infinite, immortal, and one. Dr. Dossey will discuss the implications of this emerging view of consciousness for healing, and why love plays an essential part.

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Krista Gorman & Ainsley Threadgold

Love as the Source for Healing after Near-Death Experiences

General Session | Sunday | Concurrent Presentation

Ainsley: I propose to discuss my Near-Death Experience and it’s relationship to what I was told / my ‘mission’ and the healing it has brought. Healing, like with everything else is energy, indeed it is love. Love simply is everything, it is the inner and the outer. I feel strongly that our missions here are to heal through love, to seek within ourselves the love that we naturally are, going back to harmony and balance. If anything all I am doing is healing myself and showing it through everything that I do. To live lovingly with the hope that my example inspires others to love themselves too. Understanding this within health care settings could revolutionise how we care for others and how we get them to care for themselves. Illness and wellness are both energies and aspects of our living day to day, month to month, year to year. Living negative lives causes a build up of negative energies which can cause disharmony in the body. We’ve all talked ourselves into getting a cold, now its time to love ourselves out of that frame of being…heal the self by loving the self…. love the self and see the world around you change. The people around you, the love around you.

Krista: My focus will be how, through my NDE, I’ve come to a place of increased awareness of who and what I am, have healed and continue to heal the “wounds” of my life that occurred up to my point of awakening to the love I am, and how to bring the love and light of the NDE message into our lives, to really apply it and re-dis-cover who we are in our very essence, which is pure love energy. I am a Physician Assistant and will also discuss how the healing of the Self can benefit the patient.

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Neil Helm

NDE Effects on Religious and Spiritual Beliefs

Healthcare-Educ-Research-Science | Thursday | Concurrent Presentation

This lecture presents the results of research on NDE Effects on Religious and Spiritual Beliefs, based on survey data from NDErs and in-depth interviews. P.M.H. Atwater, Bruce Greyson, & Janice Holden have all published on the effects that NDEs have on religious and spiritual beliefs, but all have called for more research on this important area. We acknowledge that NDE after-effects not only change religious and spiritual beliefs but they have the ability to make positive and negative changes in personal lives and families. Experiencers can make occupational and societal changes to follow new religious and spiritual beliefs. However, the changes can disrupt family harmony, leaving spouses and children abandoned. The dissertation hopes to find the love, light, and healing in these NDE religious and spiritual experiences.

Katherine James Klemstine

Visions of the Light Experienced by Terminally Ill Hospice Patients

Healthcare-Educ-Research-Science | Thursday | Concurrent Presentation

Intended for clinical care providers, spiritual care providers, and loved ones of those approaching end of life, this lecture presentation includes an esoteric explanation of the experiences of the Light in the terminally ill as the soul leaves the body. Comparing the wisdom teachings of death and dying to the medical model allows those involved to gain new insights about the experiences of the Light. Thus, all concerned are able to form a more effective team as they strive to prepare terminally ill patients, who have experienced a vision of the Light, a more peaceful transition to the moment of death. Topics discussed:

  • The transition of the soul as it withdraws from the physical body during the experience of the Near Death Experience of the Light.
  • Discuss the Near Death Experience of the Light in terms of the withdrawal and subsequent return of the soul to the physical body during the dying process.
  • Compare the physical description of the dying process to the changes in consciousness as the soul passes from the physical body to the non-physical realms of the Light.
  • How to provide a compassionate, caring, listening presence to support the dying person who has experienced a Near Death Experience of the Light.
Robin Aisha Landsong

Brought Back by an African Calling Song

General Session | Friday | Concurrent Presentation

When I was eight years old, in 1977, I was abducted by an American from the US and taken to Africa. We landed in Rhodesia during the Bush War. I was later abandoned out in the countryside and spent the night alone. In the morning I made my way to a village who took me in. They became my new family. I learned how to sing their songs, how to prepare food, and I participated in their ceremonies. One woman adopted me and became my Mama.

Weeks later, I was shot by soldiers and crossed over into death. On the other side I met five beings who led me through my confusion and pain to acceptance and peace. In a state of pure love I looked back and saw Mama wailing while holding my body. Though I treasured her, I resumed crossing through veils toward the Great Heart. I then began to hear a song that made me pause. My Mama was singing her Medicine Song over my lifeless body. I heard her through the veils. Her song reminded me that I was also a medicine singer and that I needed to live to fulfill this purpose.

By sharing my story I wish to illustrate that:

  • Creating art is one way to solidify one’s NDE or STE.
  • Trauma can be healed through art as a way to make meaning.
  • Singing Medicine is a powerful form of healing and calling back one’s life force.

I also wish to inspire other NDErs and STErs to draw, or write down their experiences.

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Robert & Suzanne Mays

Near-Death Experiences & the Neural Correlates of Consciousness

Healthcare-Educ-Research-Science | Thursday | Concurrent Presentation | Live Stream

The phenomenology of near-death experiences (NDEs) strongly suggests the existence of a separate, autonomous mind or psyche. In an NDE, the mind exists and operates independent of the physical brain and body, having (1) a sense of separation from the body, with freedom from pain and disabilities; (2) lucid thought processes and hyperreal perceptions with veridical information beyond ordinary physical senses and prior knowledge; (3) real, albeit subtle, interactions with physical processes; and (4) accurate memory recall of past events and the formation of vivid, indelible memories of NDE events. In some cases, the mind entity can be seen and heard objectively by others at a distance from the body. If the mind entity is real, there should be ample evidence of its presence in brain processes during ordinary waking consciousness.

We propose that the two neural correlates of the mind-brain interface are (1) the characteristic negative slope of electrical activity seen in brain EEG and MEG recordings, indicating mental activity during such cases as perception, language comprehension and working memory; and (2) the characteristic positive slope of electrical activity, indicating the process of the mental content coming to consciousness from its initially unconscious, subliminal state, to full awareness. We present examples of interpreting patterns in EEG “event related potentials” (ERPs) in rapid visual categorization, auditory and visual language comprehension and working memory tasks. The mind-entity hypothesis has greater explanatory power over physicalist brain-production theories in explaining not only the phenomena associated with NDEs but also ordinary neurological phenomena like perception and language comprehension, as well as a number of the enigmas of consciousness, such as the “hard problem” and the “binding problem.”

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Peter Panagore

The Gift That Keeps On Giving

General Session | Friday | Concurrent Presentation

In my lecture I would use my public storytelling skills to inspire by describing my NDEs, with a focus the strange blessings and aftereffects of living with NDE that brought OBEs and STEs. I seek to convey a sense of hope and healing to the suffering, the grieving, and the fearful. I will explain that there is a universal accessible gift of the Divine available to every human being; that God is Love, and that God’s Love creates all love; that God has no name nor being that can be contained in words but whose love pervades all things even suffering and beauty. I will set it all inside a cosmology that includes modern astronomy and quantum physics.

I hope to inspire the listener to hasten his or her pursuit of the Divine with less fear of death and dying, an increase in belief, and a desire to carry the practical time tested tools of prayer, meditation and yoga left behind by centuries of women and men who spent their lives in pursuit of God and writing about it, which I studied, learned and practiced for nearly four decades.

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Tibor Putnoki

The path of "active love"

Healthcare-Educ-Research-Science | Saturday | Concurrent Presentation

Tibor Putnoki went through a near death experience in 1994. His NDE lasted for 9 minutes. This experience not only changed his earlier life entirely, but also gave an inspiration for the rest of his life: “people need to be told, they need to know, not to live and act as they do, and I did”. Since this experience he walks on the path he calls “active love” and he founded and works at the Light of Love Public Benefit Foundation. In his presentation Tibor will give a talk about how to be a living example that mankind was created to live in love and happiness, and that we are able to live according to this. No special knowledge or education is needed: we all have the ability to Love—it is a life-choice and we can experience and demonstrate this in all circumstances in life.

Tibor Putnoki is the Founder and Director of the Light of Love Public Benefit Foundation, the IANDS Affiliate Group in Hungary.

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Rebecca Valla

Self-Love is not Selfish: What’s the difference and Why does it Mattter?

General Session | Friday | Concurrent Presentation

Self-love is a hugely important concept in the context of expanded consciousness and “inner child work”. As distinguished from selfishness, which is ego-based and without regard for others or for one’s best self, self-love is a manifestation of heart-consciousness. We have an enhanced awareness of our own lived experiences and compassion for our once innocent selves. The longings and pain that have been generated out of loss, misattunements, abuse, and fear are ours to resolve. This is the soul work we have come here to do. This presentation will be relevant for all participants and will draw on what we know from NDEs and STEs, Law of Attraction, Psychosocial and Spiritual Developmental theory, Past-life Regression and Soul Retrieval work, and Soul-Purpose work such as presented in the 2014 Conference keynote by Rob Schwartz.

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Jean Watson

Caring Science as Sacred Science: Experiencing Infinite Love

General Session | Sunday | Keynote Presentation | Live Stream

‘Caring Science as Sacred Science’ draws upon the ‘Ethic of Belonging’ that unites humanity to the Infinite field of universal Cosmic Love. Personal transpersonal experiences will be integrated into an expanded model of science, which includes non-local, unitary consciousness and the potential evolution of humanity toward Omega point. At the end of this presentation, the participant will be able to: explain why Caring Science is Sacred Science; describe the ‘Ethic of Belonging’ – as first principle of science; and explore personal transpersonal experience of “Being LOVE.”

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Marjorie Woollacott

Near-Death Experiences: Windows into the Nature and Origin of Consciousness

Healthcare-Educ-Research-Science | Thursday | Keynote Presentation | Live Stream

For many years, scientists have debated the nature and origin of consciousness. Many materialist scientists propose that consciousness originates in the neurons in the brain. However, scientific studies concerning near-death experiences (NDEs) give compelling evidence for the primacy of consciousness, that is, that its origin is independent of brain activity. In this presentation Dr. Marjorie Woollacott will share her own journey as a materialist neuroscientist who had a spiritual awakening that gave her insights into both the nature and origin of consciousness. As she began to explore research on individuals’ experiences in their NDEs and in meditation, she saw that they have many characteristics in common, including a sense of ineffability, a noetic quality, experiences of light, feelings of being outside one’s body, and a sense of peace, joy and love.

This suggests that the nature of consciousness, as experienced in NDEs and meditation, is similar. In many NDEs there is also verifiable evidence that despite no measurable brain activity, a person nonetheless perceives the activities around them (within the ICU, during surgery, etc.). Research on these experiences supports the understanding that consciousness does not originate in the neurons of the brain. It also suggests that the brain may normally filter out a higher order nonlocal awareness, which can be accessed through NDEs, meditation, and other expanded states of consciousness.

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