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Bruce Greyson MD

Expanding the Science of Consciousness by Expanding the Consciousness of Scientists

Healthcare-Educ-Research-Science | Thursday | Keynote Presentation

There is a rich literature on the neuroscience of consciousness that focuses on biological mechanisms of wakefulness and awareness of the physical environment. However, that literature totally ignores and in fact, rejects the existence of a higher consciousness. Some scientists argue that, even if a spiritual realm existed, it could not be addressed by science. But the past century has seen a gradual recognition that science and spirituality are compatible and that only a marriage of the two can provide an accurate description of reality. I argue that the science of consciousness can be elevated only when the consciousness of the scientists themselves has been elevated.

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Suzanne Giesemann

Magnificent You!

General Session | Friday | Keynote Presentation

Come along with Suzanne Giesemann and a multi-dimensional cast of characters for a mind-expanding examination of what is possible when you step outside the box. You’ll want to buckle your seat belt as Suzanne weaves a wondrous web of “No Other Explanation” stories, revealing the true nature of reality and how you fit into the Big Picture. Are you living up to your full potential? Learn the keys to finding peace, love, and happiness, departing this powerful presentation with your full Magnificence shining!

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Rev. Bill McDonald

A Rainbow of Revolutionary Transformative Experiences

General Session | Saturday | Keynote Presentation

Rev. Bill McDonald will explore the mystical world of NDEs, Near-Death-Like Experiences, STEs, Angels, Gurus, Mystical Beings and Supernatural Experiences that cannot be explained. He will also talk about how the power of love can expand our consciousness.
He will use personal stories from his own diversity of otherworldly and mystical experiences. Talking about a childhood NDE, hearing a choir of angels singing, miracles in the midst of combat in The Vietnam War, and supernatural experiences in India including an NDE after falling off a 30-foot cliff in the Himalayan Mountains. He will also talk about his Naadi Palm Reading and how that related to his Near-Death-Like experience when his heart was purposely stopped, and he was put on a heart-lung machine for heart surgery. He will also talk about the avatar, Babaji whom he met in this otherworldly experiences.
He will discuss how being a combat veteran along with his NDEs and STEs have transformed his life into one of total service. He speaks from the heart and goes where he is lead in his talks. He is never fully sure of what he will say at any presentation, as it tries to allow the universe to guide and direct him and give him the words and stories that those in attendance need to hear. His talks are not tales about what others have done or quotes from books – these are his one-of-a-kind life experiences and he shares them around the world and on YouTube where he has almost a million views on his videos.
Rev. Bill McDonald was a Huey helicopter crew-chief/door-gunner in Vietnam. He was awarded The Distinguished Flying Cross, The Bronze Star Medal, 14 Air Medals, The Purple Heart Medal and other medals and ribbons. He had many STEs while in combat, as well as before and after the war including NDE-like experiences which he writes about in his books. He has been associated with around a dozen films, TV shows and videos including a PBS TV special called “The Art of Healing” and on the History Channel with the documentary “In the Shadow of the Blade”. He has authored several books that deal with his 3 NDE-like events and his many STEs.

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Nancy Rynes

Evolution as the Next Revolution

General Session | Sunday | Keynote Presentation

Few argue that humanity is on the cusp of great changes, just as the American Colonies were in 1776. While revolution helped to create this incredible nation, the changes it brought didn’t embrace all who dwelled here. And those revolutionary changes also came with a heavy price. In this keynote presentation, Nancy Rynes makes parallels between historic revolutions, such as the one that began here in Philadelphia, and where humanity stands at the present moment. More importantly, she details how near-death experiencers, and the wisdom they bring back from the afterlife, can usher in the next Evolution of humanity rather than a revolution. A humanity that is more expansive, compassionate, connected, light-filled, and creative than we have ever seen before.

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Eben Alexander MD

One Small Step for Man, One Giant Leap for Humankind

General Session | Saturday | Plenary Presentation

Scientific research is finally catching up with what many know with certainty from firsthand personal experience. Acknowledging the 50th anniversary of Apollo 11 (the first time in recorded history that humans had ever stepped on another heavenly body), Dr. Alexander will discuss the parallels in our current era. Just as Armstrong’s first step represented a monumental step forward for all of humanity, likewise, near-death experiences are the tip of the spear in shifting the entire world’s view of itself.
In 2008, Dr. Eben Alexander’s brain was severely damaged by a devastating case of bacterial meningitis, and he lapsed into a week-long coma. It was almost certainly a death sentence, but Dr. Alexander miraculously survived – and brought back with him an astounding story (told in his best-seller Proof of Heaven: A Neurosurgeon’s Journey into the Afterlife). During seven days in a coma, he was plunged into the deepest realms of consciousness and came to understand profound truths about the universe we inhabit. What he learned completely violated everything he ever knew about brain, mind, and consciousness, and drove him to question some of the most fundamental assumptions of conventional science, leading to a complete flip from his former worldview.

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Paul Aurand, Atilio Costa Vitali & Pedro Zuzarte

Hypnotic Recall of Near Death Experiences: Impact on Quality of Life (A Pilot Study)

Healthcare-Educ-Research-Science | Friday | Plenary Presentation

New York Master Hypnotherapist, Paul Aurand, Canadian Cardiologist, Atilio Costa Vitali and Lisbon Psychiatrist, Pedro Zuzarte will present the findings from our pilot study of hypnotic regressions for twenty, resuscitated sudden cardiac arrest (RSCA) patients who reported having NDE. Our presentation will include discussion of our findings as well as video of hypnotic NDE regression and pre and post regression interviews. This is the first time these findings will be presented anywhere.

It has been reported that some individuals were able to remember their NDEs only under hypnosis. Hypnosis has been successfully used in clinical practice, as reported in the literature, to evoke memories of previous experiences or to evoke memories of NDE’s. We believe that hypnotic recall of these events may bring very positive and transformative emotions to some of these subjects.

A quarter of cardiac arrest survivors (CAS) suffer long-term psychological problems such as anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder and depression. A substantial number of people recall subjectively real experiences of some sort of alternate reality associated with positive emotions and transformative power from near death experiences (NDE). We will show how hypnotic regression can be used to access and integrate NDE memories.

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Kelvin Chin, J.D.

Overcoming the Fear of Death: Integrating Meditation into Your Daily Life — How It Helps with NDEs & More

General Session | Thursday | Special Feature Presentation

Learn about the medical health benefits of the unique, effortless, easy-to-learn technique Kelvin Chin has taught worldwide to bring about balance in thousands of people for 40 years, including active and retired military — at West Point Military Academy and in the U.S. Army in Korea and the DMZ. Learn how it helps to Overcome the Fear of Death and to help with the assimilation of NDEs. He will discuss this nonreligious, non-focusing, impactful technique that turns on the “Opposite of the Fight or Flight” switch, and dispels fear and anxiety. What happens in your neurophysiology when that switch gets turned on? Kelvin was a test subject in the first medical studies on meditation done in the U.S. in 1971. Kelvin teaches on videoconference and in-person — to 28 countries so far. BONUS: He will also teach you some other simple techniques in this talk that you can practice immediately and even teach others back at your hospitals, offices and educational institutions. He will explain why and how they work. And why all techniques are not equally effective.

Kelvin Chin has been meditating for 49 years, teaching it for 46 years, and has had many experiences “piercing the veil.” His clients are diverse, from age 4-94, the healthy to the emotionally or mentally challenged, and the full-of-life to end-of-life. He teaches a meditation technique called “Turning Within.” His clients report relief from panic attacks, PTSD, anxiety, better health, faster healing, and balanced spiritual and psychic abilities. Kelvin is the author of the best-selling “Overcoming the Fear of Death: Through Each of the 4 Main Belief Systems” — a non-religious approach to the 4 Beliefs that underlie all religious and cultural beliefs. He uses these principles to help people reduce and eliminate their fears of death. He has taught in healthcare and universities, is a graduate of Dartmouth, Yale, and Boston College Law School, has lived in 8 countries and currently resides in Los Angeles, California. He is the Executive Director and Founder of the Overcoming the Fear of Death Foundation and the “Turning Within” Meditation Foundation.

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Sandra Champlain

From Grief to Glory - An Afterlife Explorer Receives Her Greatest Gift

General Session | Thursday | Plenary Presentation

The journey each human being faces is not an easy one and Sandra Champlain does not think it is meant to be. Fear of death, grief, and experiences like NDEs, or one of many other signs of the reality of the afterlife have the ability to transform our lives. The seeds of the lodgepole pine trees can only open and grow when they are exposed to tremendous heat of forest fires. Like the seeds of those pine trees, our revolutionary and often painful experiences can allow us to start our spiritual journey and ultimately provide us our greatest love and joy.
Join author and radio show host Sandra Champlain as she shares how her own deep grief led her on a journey from skeptic to believer in the afterlife. With now over 300 hours of interviews of We Don’t Die Radio, hear stories of some of the most remarkable people – how their incredible journeys begin from their toughest experiences. This presentation will not only give you many more reasons to believe in the reality of the afterlife, but could reignite your Soul’s plan for you having extraordinary life.

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Maggie Callanan, RN

Quick Dying...Slow Dying Messages of Hope

General Session | Thursday | Plenary Presentation

People in a sudden state of clinical compromise, marked by disruption of all signs of life,
often report a remarkable experience known as NDE or Near Death Experience. These
experiences are only shared after medical intervention or CPR brings the experiencer back
to life. These are the messages of those who have died quickly and have returned to teach
us what it is like.

When people dying slowly of a terminal illness are approaching death, they too often have
remarkable experiences, as well as an expanded awareness. This is called NDA or
Nearing Death Awareness. These are the messages from those who are dying slowly.
They teach us while they are dying because they can’t come back.

Although the NDE and the NDA have many similar characteristics, there are profound
differences. Understanding the differences and learning how to interact with the dying can
help us identify and participate in the NDA while it is actually happening.

This information is of vital importance for all critical care clinicians and for all – professional or
lay persons who care for, or are close to, someone who has had an NDE or to a dying person
experiencing an NDA . Whether the dying is fast or slow, these are remarkable messages of
peace, comfort, and hope that can change our lives.

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Yvonne Kason, MD

NDEs and Kundalini Awakening: A Yogic Perspective on NDEs, other STEs, and their Shared After-Effects

General Session | Thursday | Plenary Presentation

Many NDE researchers including Ken Ring Ph.D., Bruce Greyson MD, and Yvonne Kason MD have speculated about the possible relationship between Near-Death Experiences and Kundalini Awakening, as described in the yogic tradition. In this seminar, Dr. Yvonne Kason will share her conclusions from 40 years of kundalini and NDE research. She will compare the symptoms and after-effects of NDEs and kundalini awakening, and share how this leads her to the conclusion that Near-Death Experiences may sometimes awaken the spiritual energy/kundalini mechanism in experiencers. This kundalini awakening would greatly intensify the long-term after-effects of an NDE.

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Kevin Kern

Kevin Kern, Steinway Artist: Remembering the Light

General Session | Thurs, Fri & Sat | Steinway Artist Performance

Kevin Kern is known world-wide for his beautiful piano solos he calls “sound paintings.” Legally blind since birth, he began playing piano at 18 months old. NDErs point to “Remembering the Light” and “And the Light is Forever” as capturing their experience through sound.

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We have many workshops to choose from! Each 2-hour workshop allows you to explore a topic in more depth with an expert, sometimes with direct participation and experiential learning! The workshops are priced separately from the conference registration. Full List of Workshops.

IANDS Conference Disclaimer and Legal Notice

workshop schedule


Workshop with Mark Anthony, the Psychic Lawyer® aka the Psychic Explorer®

An Afternoon of Spirit Communication ($70)

Thursday, August 29, 4:15-6:15 PM

Mark will connect random audience members with loved ones in spirit. Join us for an uplifting and inspiring presentation by Mark Anthony the Psychic Lawyer® who was recently featured on the Emmy Award Winning National TV Show “The Doctors.” Mark is the author of the best-sellers Evidence of Eternity and Never Letting Go. The award winning and ground-breaking Evidence of Eternity removes fear and superstition from spirit communication, bringing it into the 21st Century. Never Letting Go is the uplifting guide on the journey through grief which is recommended by hospices and grief counselors worldwide. This event is for anyone open to the concept that life is eternal and that it is possible to communicate with our loved ones on “the Other Side.”

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Workshop with Sarina Baptista

Accessing Higher Consciousness Using Sacred Geometry ($40)

Thursday, August 29, 4:15-6:15 PM

The term Sacred Geometry refers to proportions, shapes and patterns that reoccur in nature. It is in every part of the Universe and symbolizes Creation. Ancient cultures used the shapes and patterns, understanding the energy within and around them. Using these shapes and symbols gives us access to creation and the highest vibrations in the Universe. In this workshop, you will learn about six of these powerful shapes, experience their energy, and use them to access the higher realms through meditation and visualization. Accessing these realms can give us answers to many of life’s questions, taking us to higher levels of consciousness where we experience Universal Love. It is a great tool for clarity and understanding why we are here and what we need to do to change our lives for the better.

Sarina Baptista website

Workshop with Tricia Barker

Writing About Spiritually Transformative Experiences and Near-Death Experiences ($40)

Thursday, August 29, 4:15-6:15 PM

Have you thought about writing about your spiritual journey? Where do you begin your story? How do you best capture the attention of readers? What is the best way to empower yourself and others through your writing? What is your ultimate goal with your writing personally, spiritually, and professionally? I am a Creative Writing professor, and I have spent over twenty-five years studying and teaching a variety of writing techniques to students. My memoir, Angels in the OR, covers my near-death experience and after-effects. I am happy to share my writing and publishing journey with you in this workshop. This workshop will provide you with information about craft, technique, voice, and a variety of stylistic choices you might make with your writing. It will also cover some of the transformative aspects you might experience through writing. Bring a notebook or computer to this workshop, and get ready to have some fun and get creative!

Tricia Barker website

Workshop with Ellyn Dye

Creating Heaven on Earth: The Great Shift of the Ages (aka What is Going On Out There???) and What's Love Got to Do With It? ($40)

Thursday, August 29, 4:15-6:15 PM

We live in pivotal times, as humanity moves through the Great Shift of the Ages, from the Piscean Age to the Aquarian Age, the first time humanity has collectively decided to make this Shift while incarnated (as opposed to undergoing a giant cataclysm, dying en masse, and coming back in the new Age at a higher vibration). What is the Great Shift of the Ages? What does astrology tell us about the Shift and how the planets are supporting us? And, most of all, what can each of us do to help usher in the Golden Age in our own lives and in the world? Many NDE visions of the future provide a glimpse of a Golden Age, but how can we get there from the seeming chaos, fear, and hatred we see in the outer world? How do NDEs–with their emphasis on Love–point the way toward successfully bringing this about?

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Workshop with Eben Alexander & Karen Newell

"Re-Uniting with Primordial Mind" ($70)

Friday, August 30, 4:00-6:00 PM

We are each an integral part of the creative force ­underlying the structure of the ­universe. It is our birthright as humans to develop awareness of that connection. In the beginning, there was primordial mind – a primary consciousness formed into a ­fabric of ­imagination, intelligence and potential. Through your ever-present inner observer, ­merge with this ­collective force that joins us ­together, where one is all and all is one.
Join New York Times best-selling author Eben Alexander, MD and Karen Newell, co-founder of Sacred Acoustics, for an experiential sound journey and ride on the power of group energy and innovative audio technology to achieve thinning of the veil and journey into the heart of consciousness.

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Workshop with Kelvin Chin

“A Deeper Dive Into How Meditation Along with Knowledge about the Afterlife Can Eliminate the Fear of Death” ($40)

Friday, August 30, 4:00-6:00 PM

Kelvin will continue his discussion about “Turning Within” Meditation and how it experientially sets the stage for opening up ourselves to greater “self-knowing” and “virtue” in the ancient Greek sense. He will show how that dovetails with greater understanding of the structure of life on this side and the other side in a way that can create a fear-free living experience. Kelvin will discuss NDE’s and the Structure of the Afterlife based on his personal experiences that he includes in his book, “Overcoming the Fear of Death: Through Each of the 4 Main Belief Systems” — a nonreligious approach to freeing up our minds to enjoy life in the present. The 4 Beliefs underlie all religious and cultural beliefs.
Kelvin has found that combining both the Experiential component of “turning within” along with the Understanding of the Afterlife in these workshops gives participants a more complete and visceral educational experience personally.
This will be a practical workshop accompanied by deep experientially-based knowledge. It will be transformational and skillset expanding. You will learn tips on how to more easily and effectively discuss death and dying with others who may not share the same beliefs as you — whether they be family members or workplace colleagues or patients.

Kelvin Chin website

Workshop with Lindsey Morgan Scott

"The Gift of Medical Intuition" ($40)

Friday, August 30, 4:00-6:00 PM

Medical intuition has a long history, with figures such as Edgar Cayce using it to help others. Near-death experiencers can develop this skill spontaneously or are natural students for the subject. Medical intuitive readings include examining a client’s history, scanning the energy field and body of the client, identifying current disease and potential future ones and the possibility of recommending treatment, particularly holistic. Medical intuition also reveals emotional and energetic blocks and conflicts. It is especially helpful in cases in which western medicine cannot diagnose the cause of an illness. Medical intuition can be used as a tool in preventative medicine, to address chronic illness and to maintain robust health. This technique demonstrates the relationship between emotional blocks and illness.
Lindsey Morgan Scott has worked in medicine and spirituality. She has twenty five years of experience as an Intuitive, a Spiritual Counselor, a Reverend and a Medical Intuitive. She is author of the forthcoming book, presently titled ‘Soul to Keep’, which details her experience of extensive contact with her adult, deceased sister at the age of eight & her own NDE at the age of nine.

Workshop with Linda Truax

IANDS Education Program Discussion Group – How to Share the Gifts (FREE and open to the public)

Friday, August 30, 4:00-6:00 PM

This workshop will review IANDS Strategic Goal of Education and significant educational programs used in the past and potential programs in the future. There will be a review of the 2018 group discussion. Attendees will actively participate to help brainstorm our target audiences and establish specific objectives for further development. Each group will be given a draft template of professional conferences which will benefit from an increased awareness of IANDS and the decades of research completed on the NDEs, STEs and the aftereffects. Input will be sought on initiatives of how to share the message. This session is open to all attendees.


Workshop with Rebecca Austill-Clausen

"Whispers From Beyond The Veil, After-Death Communication Techniques” ($40)

Saturday, August 31, 4:00-6:00 PM

Sound healing designed to increase attendees receptivity occurs throughout this empowering workshop. The speaker, a science-based Occupational Therapist describes multiple STE’s received after her brother David died. The events that enabled the speaker to receive the STE’s, even though she had no psychic or spiritual experience are described. Speaker will present her 7-step format that enables after-death communication with deceased loved ones to occur. Specific guided meditations using the power of love to reach those in the afterlife are experienced using shamanic journeying and guided visualizations, followed by group discussion. The healing power of nature is explained emphasizing current forest bathing principles and scientific validation. The importance of love, both for our deceased and ourselves is highlighted. Practical use of crystalline energy to enhance after-death communication occurs. Numerous examples of common signs and animal messages from deceased loved ones are presented. Complementary modalities including Reiki, Yoga, Tai Chi, and Mindfulness are described as methods to increase attendee’s after-death communication skills. A 2018 ten minute video that validates after-death communication with 7 of the speaker’s deceased loved ones is shown. Attendee’s design their own individualized plan to enhance after-death communication with their deceased loved ones. Resources and reference materials to enable continuation of after-death communication are provided.

Rebecca Austill-Clausen website” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener”>Visit his website

Workshop with Suzanne Giesemann

The Awakened Way ($70)

Saturday, August 31, 4:00-7:00 PM

What does it take to live life consciously, committed to living up to your soul’s full potential? Join Suzanne Giesemann, founder of The Awakened Way, and step fearlessly onto the path of a love-centered life. Suzanne liberally laces her teaching with evidence from her daily communication across the veil and shows how you, too, are part of one big web, connecting all that is. Learn specific steps and processes for aligning with your True Nature and connecting with Universal Consciousness. This extended workshop will take you beyond basic metaphysics to such advanced concepts as:
– Seeing with the eyes of the soul
– Eliminating ego and finding freedom
– Rewriting your story from victim to victor
You will leave this powerful workshop with:
– Tools to release emotional and energetic blockages
– A precise method for raising your consciousness and connecting across the veil
– A greater sense of peace and connection with All That Is
Note:This is a 3 hour workshop.

View her website

Workshop with Bill McDonald BA

"Miracles in the Foxhole: How STEs, NDEs, ND-Like Experiences, Moral and Spiritual Injuries Effect the Lives of Combat Veterans and their Families" - FREE

Saturday August 31, 4:00-6:00 PM

How to handle it all by finding understanding and acceptance of what happened. Veterans, Military families and friends of veterans are most welcome to attend. Interactive group setting where facilitators will guide and direct participants in their own healing process. Everyone who wishes to share their experience will be allowed some time to do so in breakout groups. Those attending will be not be just passive listeners, as they will also be there to support their brothers/sisters in arms to deal with making sense of what has happened to each of them. We will discuss how and even, if you reported anything to your unit leadership, or ever shared with fellow veterans. What was the reaction – and did it make it worse for you? Did anyone actually understand you, or what happen? Did their reactions exasperate your anxiety and emotional state? Did you have a moral injury? We will deal with these issues and more.
We will provide some limited resources and reference materials for your need to follow-up on issues like PTSD and Moral/Spiritual Injuries. We will be tackling these issues as related to how STEs and NDEs may have not been understood by the military, or the VA. It is the goal and intention of this workshop to help veterans begin to come to grips with what they experienced. Understanding is just the beginning of the healing process and there will need to be personal follow-up for most people attending this workshop. This is just a beginning step forward on the journey of better spiritual, mental and moral health.

Visit his website

Workshop with Jeff O’Driscoll, MD & Jeffery Olsen

Exercises in Healing Through Love Consciousness ($50)

Saturday, August 31, 4:00-6:00 PM

Jeff & Jeff are a physician and patient who became dear friends as a result after the horrific automobile accident that took the lives of Jeff Olsen’s wife and youngest son, while also inflicting multiple life-threatening injuries to Jeff himself, including the amputation of his left leg. O’Driscoll was a physician in the ER who saw Olsen’s deceased wife standing above him in the air. They now assist others to heal and find power in increased love and higher conciousness.

Jeff Olsen’s latest book, “Knowing: Memoirs Of A Journey Beyond The Veil And Choosing Joy After Tragic Loss” outlines the lessons learned from Olsen’s NDE. Olsen is a bestselling author who inspires audiences internationally with his intriguing story of perseverance and inner strength.”

Jeff O’Driscoll, MD, received his training at the University of Utah School of Medicine and completed his residency in Salt Lake City, UT. He is board certified in internal medicine and is a fellow of the American College of Emergency Physicians, with twenty-five years of experience as an emergency physician in a level-one trauma center. In his professional experience, Dr. O’Driscoll frequently communicated with spirits who hovered between this life and the next. He saw people leave their bodies at the time of death and he experienced eternity with them. In his fascinating memoir, “Not Yet”, Dr. O’Driscoll describes his otherworldly communications that began in childhood, shortly after the farm accident that took the life of his older brother.

Visit Jeff Olsen’s website
Visit Dr. Jeff O’Driscoll’s website


Workshop with Jose Hernandez

"Inner Immersion Mindfulness Modality" ($40)

Sunday, September 1, 1:45-3:45 PM

Inner Immersion is a highly effective, cutting edge mindfulness modality. The Group Intensive is a dynamic, engaging and fast-paced experience. The session incorporates the therapeutic frequencies of color (like immersing oneself in water) participants are guided through Jose’s healing artwork, during an active guided meditation format. The modality incorporates color frequency, spoken word, breath-work, sound, and the participants’ own artwork.
Participants are asked to come to the Immersion with an intention (something they want movement or clarity on). They are asked a series of 7 questions and they have 2 minutes to draw. Jose does a short (30 minute) presentation on his NDE experience then begins the guided medititation. After the meditation there is a group healing where participants are encouraged to send their energy to the group to heal one-another. The participants are then asked the same 7 questions as before and then they draw again. If time allows Jose will interpret a number of the drawings. The session ends with a closing prayer. The usual time for this workshop is 3 1/2 hours. We can shorten this to 3 hours if necessary.

Visit his website

Workshop with Peter Panagore

Beginners Kundalini Yoga Workshop—Open Your Inner Door ($40)

Sunday, September 1, 1:45-3:45 PM

In the autumn following my first NDE while ice climbing in 1980, as I continued my study of pantomime at UMASS, I became a student of a student of a student of the yogi and mime, Marcel Marceau, who practiced and taught Hatha Yoga. In the first weeks of class as we warmed up with yoga our teacher told us how to use our breath, body, and mind to find prana in our second chakra and send it through our out stretched arm and into our palm, and to my surprise I felt the heat of prana in as a ball in my chakra and moved it to my fiery palm. After forty years of practice, I am finally ready to teach what I have learned of how to breath, body, and mind, in use yoga to find, and then connect our chakras, and mulas, in order to reduce the false self, to make room for the radiant Divine, illuminate the self with the Self, and fire prana into radiance, or as Christians call it, glory. I swore to myself that I would not teach until people began to tell me that I radiate the Light. Radiating the Light was always my goal. The less of me then the more Light comes through. The more Light comes through, the more the Message of Love touches and changes lives. Inner yoga yokes oneself to the Divine within. This is a no mats beginners’ class. Experienced yogis and yoginis welcome. This practice is more about what happens inside than how well you bend.

1. Open your inner door.
2. Learn to radiate that others may see/feel the light more fully in you so that you may give the light away that others may seek the light itself give it away so others can learn to see/feel it too.
3. Students will learn the fundamentals and depth of the practice.
4. The students will leave knowing that with practice they too will find, and feel, their chakras, learn basics unleash their kundalini, find their subtle/energetic body, learn to raise their prana/inner fire, and grasp the power of Self-realization yoga.

Visit Peter’s website

Workshop with Sue Pighini

“Light Your Life on Fire”: The Gift of Life After an NDE" ($40)

Sunday, September 1, 1:45-3:45 PM

What is your personality type from the ancient Enneagram; what has been your “old story”; how do you create a new “story” based on the learning from an nde; how to feel comfortable expanding your love and compassion for humanity; what is your Body Wisdom ™ ?
Sue is an award-winning author, leadership seminar trainer, Transformational Life Coach, motivational speaker and former New York City corporate executive. She is also a dedicated horsewoman who helps others heal with the powerful, intuitive energy of the horse. She offers business and personal workshops and seminars that are designed to help others maximize the gifts and talents that they were born with.

Visit her website

Workshop with Purnima Sinha

"Power of Love - Ultimate Truth and Consciousness" - FREE

Sunday, September 1, 1:45-3:45 PM

Consciousness and awareness is eternal and Love is only Ultimate TRUTH. Power of love has profound affect in our consciousness. Power of love and consciousness merge with ultimate reality which is TRUTH. Affirmations and evidence come as a whisper and show guidance in life with intuition. Compassion, self-love, forgiveness is message from Light which is LOVE and TRUTH. Consciousness is vast and infinite. Power of Love connects us with others as part of Divine Universe purpose. Practicing meditation over 45 years. Meditational background over three generations. Trained in Ultra transcendental meditation – Surat Shabd Yoga – Sound meditation – spirit current merge with inner sound. Certification in LifeStyle Medicine and Meditation & Psychotherapy from Harvard School of Medicine in Boston. Teaching over 9 years guided meditation in Sentara NVMC hospital and PWC in northern virginia with breathing techniques and sound meditation using hemi-sync music. Awareness exercises on opening up third eye center and heart center. Deep relaxation and body scan exercises. Has given many workshops in county. Provide private sessions with individuals or small group as needed . Article got published in Eckhart Tolle newsletter. Meditation facilitator in Sentara Northern Virginia Medical Center Hospital in Woodbridge, Va. Worked with cancer, anxiety, pulmonary, bariatric patients etc. Meditation facilitator in PWC Chinn. Aquatic and Gym Center in Woodbridge, Virginia. Provided meditation class for different departments in PWC and given many workshops. Presented meditation segment for International conference in Denver 2017 for IANDS.


lunch with speakers

Spend an hour and a half with your favorite speakers, enjoying enlightening conversation and excellent food! Check out when the speakers you are most interested in are scheduled and sign up early — only nine lucky attendees can join in.

healing sessions

Healing sessions are available each day, by qualified energy healers, using Reiki and other modalities. You can purchase multiple 20-minute healing sessions and schedule them on any of the conference days.


We will have a Thursday night Meet & Greet gathering where you can meet new conference goers and greet your friends from prior conferences. On Saturday evening, we will have a Social Time to share conversation, light snacks and a cash bar. This year, we are planning special entertainment like Tony Redhouse, shown here in Scottsdale in 2012.


On Friday evening we will have our traditional Fund Raising Banquet, featuring an elegant plated dinner. A keynote speaker will give a short presentation — all to help raise needed funds for IANDS’ mission!

book signings

At selected times during the conference, the authors will be present for Book Signings, where you can chat with your favorite author and have your book signed.

sharing & discussions

A number of informal discussion groups will be held during the conference on topics such as the aftereffects of NDEs and distressing NDEs. The discussions will be led by people who are expert in the subject area and are open to all attendees. The times and topics for these informal sessions will be included in the detailed schedule at the conference.


During the breaks and over lunch, be sure to visit our Bookstore, stocked with new books, books by our speakers, the classics of NDE literature and many related topics. Also many gift items!

group leaders

The Group Leaders’ Seminar is a special program on Wednesday afternoon for IANDS NDE Group Leaders and those interested in becoming a Group Leader. Our Group Leaders are a special set of people who run the IANDS NDE Support Groups in various cities in the U.S. and across the globe. If you think you might be interested in starting an NDE Support Group, check this out!


Thursday morning program
Keynote and Concurrent Presentations

HERS Keynote: Bruce Greyson, M.D.

Thursday afternoon program
Plenary and Concurrent Presentations
5:30 - 7:00 PM
Meet & Greet Social Hour
Open to all attendees

Light hors d’oeuvres, cash bar

7:30 - 9:00 PM
Special Presentation
Open to all attendees
Friday morning program
Keynote and Concurrent Presentations
Friday afternoon program
Concurrent Presentations
4:30 - 6:30 PM
Friday workshops
Workshops are optional and priced separately
7:30 - 9:30 PM
Fund Raising Banquet
Optional—help contribute to IANDS’ mission!

Enjoy an elegant dinner, fascinating conversation, and a short talk by one of our keynote speakers!

8:00 - 10:00 PM
Documentary movies
Optional—enjoy great documentaries about NDEs! Free!


Saturday morning program
Keynote and Concurrent Presentations
Saturday afternoon program
Concurrent Presentations
4:30 - 6:30 PM
Saturday workshops
Workshops are optional and priced separately
8:00 - 10:30 PM
Social Time
Open to all attendees—Light snacks, cash bar
Sunday morning program
Keynote and Concurrent Presentations
2:30 - 4:30 PM
Sunday workshops
Workshops are optional and priced separately

Schedule as of 4/9/2019

The times, speakers and topics listed here are subject to change.


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Thursday, August 29, 2019 8:00 AM -
Sunday, Sept. 1, 2019 5:00 PM (EDT)

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