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Eben Alexander

Thriving in the Heart of Consciousness

General Session | Thursday | Keynote Presentation

In 2008, Dr. Eben Alexander’s brain was severely damaged by a devastating case of bacterial meningitis, and he lapsed into a week-long coma. It was almost certainly a death sentence, but Dr. Alexander miraculously survived – and brought back with him an astounding story (told in his best-seller Proof of Heaven: A Neurosurgeon’s Journey into the Afterlife). During seven days in coma, he was plunged into the deepest realms of consciousness, and came to understand profound truths about the universe we inhabit. What he learned completely violated everything he ever knew about brain, mind and consciousness, and drove him to question some of the most fundamental assumptions of conventional science, leading to a complete flip from his former worldview.

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Mark Anthony

Interdimensional Communication with Mark Anthony the Psychic Lawyer®

General Session | Thursday | Featured Speaker

Join us for an uplifting and inspiring presentation by Mark Anthony the Psychic Lawyer® who was recently featured on the Emmy Award Winning National TV Show “The Doctors” and in an upcoming mini-series about a mysterious cold case.
Mark is the author of the best-sellers Evidence of Eternity and Never Letting Go. The award winning and ground-breaking Evidence of Eternity removes fear and superstition from spirit communication, bringing it into the 21st Century. Never Letting Go is the uplifting guide on the journey through grief which is recommended by hospices and grief counselors worldwide. This event is for anyone open to the concept that life is eternal and that it is possible to communicate with our loved ones on “the Other Side.” Mark will connect random audience members with loved ones in spirit.
*Please refrain from imbibing any alcohol as that could impact your connection through Mark with the spirit world*

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PMH Atwater


General Session | Saturday | Concurrent Presentation

In her third near-death experience, PMH Atwater was told by “The Voice Like None Other” to test revelation, then write three specific books. Result: she is now one of the original researchers in the field of near-death studies, and has written 16 books on the subject. Of those from “The Voice,” Book One was never named, so remains an unknown. Book Two is Future Memory (the labyrinth), and Book Three is A Manual for Developing Humans. The Manual, as the ultimate how-to-on-every-level, invites us all to take control of our lives and align ourselves with the directive of our soul. It contains life’s basics in easy, fun exercises, games, and stories: know thyself, love thyself. “Hu,” once considered the sound/tone of God, described “Human” as God-Man, God-Woman. Thus, we are and have always been. . . . gods in the making. Every religion and spiritual discipline throughout recorded time acknowledges this in some form. It is our heritage, our truth, our life. Workshop covers how the Manual was created, fun exercises (acupressure facelifts, power secrets, how we really say our prayers, other surprises), as well as a discussion about the larger cycles ahead of us and how to navigate them.

Paul Aurand

Remembering the Gifts and Integrating the Experience - A Live NDE Regression Demonstration

Healthcare-Educ-Research-Science | Friday | Concurrent Presentation

Standing in the street, on a sunny day in July 1998, I was struck by lightning. Electrocuted, convulsing, unconscious, dead. During my brief dead time I was transformed. Following this “en-lightning” experience I began my search for a way to help others achieve this same transformation without the trauma of being killed. In time I came to Life Between Lives regression and from that I have developed NDE Regression. I would like to demonstrate for you how NDE Regression can be used to re-experience many of the transformational aspects of an NDE. By watching this live demonstration, you will see how it is possible to return to that state of unconditional love and oneness to recover memories, messages and gifts from guides and loved ones.

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Tricia Barker

Embracing the Gifts of a Near-Death Experience Personally and Professionally

General Session | Saturday | Concurrent Presentation

One of the most exciting and challenging aspects of a near-death experience is being connected to the expansive consciousness of God and then having to return to a physical form with the limitations of this dimension. Many NDErs wake up for a longing to be in direct connection with the loving, intelligent consciousness of God. They may try to explain their experience and encounter a variety of negative and positive reactions from others. Spontaneous OBEs, deeper meditations, timelessness, psychic flashes (sometimes disruptive), mediumship abilities, technological disruptions, sensitivity to the paranormal, healing abilities, and a love and openness to all people are a few of the after-effects that I experienced and that many other NDErs experience. This talk will cover the ways to embrace these types of gifts (and challenges) with greater ease. It will also cover ways to support those who have recently had a NDE and how to lead change in various organizations based on the wisdom from near-death experiences. At the end, I will lead a short, guided meditation with an intention to offer healing and help others connect deeply to their intuition. In small groups, we will also brainstorm ways that various organizations could better support near-death experiencers. Embracing the gifts as opposed to resisting them offers great benefits experiencers personally and professionally.

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Chris Batts, Lindsey Scott, & Darla Johnson

Near-Death Experiencer Panel #4

General Session | Saturday | Concurrent Presentation

Chris Batts: Discussion of my NDE: I want to present about my near death experience and the spiritual messages that come through my angels to this day. My NDE happened after a suicide attempt. I was not loved as a child and had no family who cared. My experience started with seeing my body below and my friends crying. Next I was taken to the spiritual realm. I experienced telepathic thought. I was hugged by God and told “Yes, I am God, Yes I am real, Yes, angels are real. They are a gift from me.” I didn’t believe in any of this before. I was overwhelmed by the presence and love of God. I met many angels including two angels who were familiar. I am in continual contact with my two guardian angels. They guide my understanding of the spiritual realm and how it works. One of my strongest missions is to get the word out about suicide prevention. Many people who go through dark times and depression don’t realize how much they are loved. God’s message to me was to “Go and Tell Everyone that I Love them.”

Darla Johnson: Growing up LatchKey; From PTSD to Spiritual Awakening: Developmental trauma did not become the focus of attention within the mental health community until the late 1980’s or early 1990’s. PTSD symptomology and treatment was mainly focused on returning veterans of war but little was understood or researched about juvenile effects of post-trauma growing up in an environment of abuse and neglect. With the advent of neuroimaging, medical and mental health communities now recognize that chronic or one event trauma(s) among children of abuse or neglect, alters the brain’s structure and function and negatively influences their world-view and perceptual outlook for the remainder of their lives unless proper post-trauma expert treatment is sought. Many individuals, such as myself, living with the negative effects of developmental childhood traumas however, have had either an NDE, OBE or STE that had caused a complete spiritual awakening and healing.

Lindsey Scott: Facing the Dark, What My Childhood NDE Taught Me About Reality, Karma & Time: I will cover the beginning of my journey in 1974 at the age of eight years old when my twenty eight year old sister was diagnosed with terminal cancer, the empathic bond we developed before her death, her passing & the extensive contact between us after. Then my own NDE, months later, from child abuse and how these events are related. I will focus in particular on my sister’s lessons about how we manifest reality in the afterlife, the levels of heaven and growth, my experience in viewing the Hell Realms & how I experienced a timeless reality. All of these will be detailed in my forthcoming book, Soul to Keep. The terminology I present was used by either my sister, angels or God. In addition, I encountered both a male & a female aspect of God.

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Father Nathan Castle, Laura Dunham & Norma Edwards, w/ Lee Witting

Chaplains Panel - Moderated by Lee Witting

General Session | Sunday | Concurrent Presentation

Father Nathan Castle and Laura Dunham: Sharing the Gifts of NDEs in Conversation with the Mystics and the Spiritual Tradition: Extraordinary experiences like NDEs and STEs need meaningful contexts through which to be interpreted and understood. Often, sudden death or traumatic circumstances precede these experiences. While transformative, they generally require considerable processing time and expert help before their participants heal from the trauma and are able to identify, develop, and confidently express the spiritual gifts they have received. To support healing and reflection, NDE studies and persons affected may benefit from the spiritual wisdom and guidance offered by an overlooked resource: the mystics. Mystics consciously and purposefully participate in the energy of Divine Love. Their moments of spiritual illumination and ecstatic union with the Divine offer parallels to those experienced in NDEs and the like. Mystics intentionally bear the fruit of their spiritual encounters in their daily living, relationships, and work, providing models for those seeking meaningful ways in which to share the gifts and express the fruit of their transformational experiences. In this presentation, two spiritual leaders experienced with NDEs and STEs will share insights from their engagement with the mystics, extensive work helping survivors of trauma heal, and explorations of enduring spiritual transformation through afterlife encounters with Divine justice, mercy, and love.

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Norma Edwards: NDE- Life Beyond the Experience: A shared in-depth examination of life beyond the Near Death Experience through the eyes of a NDE Experiencer forty years later.NDE – a paradigm shift resulting in a massive leap in consciousness. Mapping elements of change and transformation. The learning trajectories around life in the fast lane of heightened states of consciousness. Moving beyond mediocre through to discipline, focus, empathy, ethical and purposeful living. Emergence of new talents, and healing streams; acknowledging the pressing need for research leading to integrative medicine. NDE survivors and their potential to share and participate in the evolution of a new model for life in the twenty-first century.

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Kimberly Clark Sharp

The Arc of the Covenant: Sharing the Gifts of the NDE

General Session | Friday | Concurrent Presentation

Whether we choose to come back from a near-death experience (NDE) or are sent back, it is the presenter’s belief that we enter a covenant with Spirit and with Life to use what we have learned in the NDE to help others. Using her own NDE and decades of interviews with people who have been at death’s door and beyond, this presentation will demonstrate the importance of sharing our gifts from this profound experience – reduced fear of death, visions of entities and deceased loved ones, increased earthly and otherworldly abilities and more – to bring hope and love to the world and thus fulfill our spiritual covenant.

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Diane Corcoran & Roberta Moore

Discussion Group: Military NDEs & the New Veteran's Video

General Session | Saturday | Concurrent Presentation, 1 NCE

Discussion Group with IANDS President Emerita & retired Army Colonel, Diane Corcoran; and producer of Near-Death Experience: What Veterans Need To Know, Roberta Moore.

The U.S. military and the Veterans Administration (V.A.) are a special environment that make it difficult for service members to reveal their experiences. The newly created Veteran’s Video, Near-Death Experience: What Veterans Need To Know, will be shown and discussion/sharing will take place regarding these issues. Retired Army Colonel, Diane Corcoran, RN, PhD, will also recommend what we need to do to help veterans and military VA facilities support veterans who have had a near-death experience.

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Liam Chris Devlin, Hillary Leehane, & Victor Shamas

Spiritually Transformative Experiences Panel #1

General Session | Friday | Concurrent Presentation

Liam Chris Devlin: NDE and “A Course in Miracles”: reframing aftereffects, sharing peace: Years ago Kenneth Ring commented on the “ego” in a lecture. After the talk I asked him if he was referring to the ego as defined in “a Course in Miracles” (ACIM). He replied “yes” and offered there was some evidence showing many NDEr’s gravitating to the ACIM as a form of spiritual practice. He later wrote on using some perspectives from ACIM in understanding negative NDE experiences. There have been a few references to ACIM in the IANDS journal over the years. I first heard ACIM referenced, in terms of NDE’s, at the 2001 IANDS conference here in Seattle when Jayne Smith spoke. My “NDE and ACIM” presentation will include my NDE story and experience with ACIM. I will compare and current conceptual understandings of forgiveness, the “ego” self, the life review, Oneness vs separation, NDE aftereffects and healing, from both perspectives. Useful tools for health professionals will be highlighted when working with grief and with integrating NDE aftereffects.

Hillary Leehane: After effects of a non-NDE’er – understanding the power of immersing yourself in the subject of NDE’s: One of the unstudied and significant after effects of NDE’s is the impact it has on those who learn of them and study them. Someone who watches and listens to an NDE’ers journey is bound to be affected and it can have broad effects in their lives. The roles that each one of us plays throughout our lifetimes are incredibly significant and yet most of us do not necessarily see this without having a life changing event. NDE’s and STE’s are being spoken about more and more and their impact on those of us who have not had our own is huge. Love is at the heart of our existence and NDE’s play an important role in helping to release fear and understand the ripple effect we can have on others. The slow release of depression and fear, the sudden need to be of service and the spiritual connection to the other side are all beautiful after effects that I found myself living from immersing myself in the study of NDE’s. From a designer and hospice volunteer perspective, lessons learned from NDE’s can be applied to design thinking that could lead to a positive intentional change for the death experience.

Victor Shamas: The Creative Implications of NDEs: A Deep Creativity Perspective: In 1987, I had a momentary glimpse into the heart of creativity that led me on a 30-year quest to understand the nature of the creative experience. What I found is deeper realities hidden within even a single moment of creative insight or inspiration. These realities are consistent with the qualities that characterize NDEs. Here I will discuss the commonalities between creative and near-death experiences, offering a theoretical framework for understanding the enormous transformative power inherent to both. I will show you why the accounts of eminent artists throughout history bear such a striking resemblance to those of individuals that have experienced NDEs.

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Deirdre DeWitt-Maltby

The Next Steps: Balancing Life and Processing Personal NDE Meanings, Messages & Gifts

General Session | Thursday | Concurrent Presentation

The aftereffects of any type of Spiritual experience can enhance and expand our understanding of the experience itself. We can be greatly changed. How does one process what has happened or deal with such profound new understandings? How might we work with the gifts from those experiences to flourish in the physical world while nurturing the inner spirit? The universe is calling to us and the NDE experience is just one of the untold ways it does. For the past nine years, I have been learning to lean into the messages while also coming to terms with the gifts given me through my own NDE experience. Some of the aftereffects produced even more spiritual occurrences. I will share and have a reciprocal discussion covering the many aspects of such life changing experiences and the profound aftereffects that can manifest. I will also discuss what I feel is very important to impart from my years of listening to inner directed messages from Source. Join the discussion and share your own gifts….together we can find a way to grow in love, light and the fullness of the magnificent spirits we are. The Near Death Experience is the teacher, the aftereffects is the homework given!

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Alex Doman, & Diane Willis, w/ Yvonne Kason

STE Experiencer’s Panel #2 - Moderated by Yvonne Kason MD

General Session | Sunday | Concurrent Presentation

Alex Doman: Alexander Doman, MD is a board certified orthopedic surgeon in private practice in Atlanta Georgia. On July 19, 2012, he had a spiritually transformative experience while driving home from work that instantly completely transformed every aspect of his life 180 degrees from that day forward. He will discuss the dissolution of his soul as it merged with source/God. The world of shape and form and space and time disappeared and his soul returned home. He will discuss his journey home and what it means for all of us.

Diane Willis: Diane Willis is founder and facilitator of Chicago IANDS, one of the largest such groups in existence.  She is an experiencer (STE) from Spring of 1995 during which she went through the tunnel, encountered the White Light and had an extensive conversation with the Creator.  In May, 1998, she started Chicago IANDS, with much guidance from the other side. As leader of Chicago IANDS, she hosted the IANDS conference in 2004.  She has done many years of local teaching, hospice work, lectures, consultations and counseling about death and dying.  She is also a flutist, having taught 1000s of students for over 50 years.  Her CD, Improvisations From the Other Side, with pianist, John Fish, was released in 2002.

Joan Fowler

The Force Awakens: Discovering Your Inner Gifts

General Session | Friday | Concurrent Presentation

Discover how you can reconnect with the fabric of existence that permeates all that “is” without having to have a near-death experience. The Force or cosmic field of infinite potential is accessible to everyone. It is not reserved for a chosen few.  “It” is looking to us for a greater expression in this universe. Join Joan as she shares insights from her near-death experience, subsequent spiritually transformative experiences and stories that demonstrate that no matter what an individual’s background or occupation we are now able to immediately access this field of awareness to bring harmony and balance to ourselves, our loved ones, and the world around us.  Join us for a lively and experiential presentation! May the Force Be You!

Following a near death experience in 1989, Joan longed to feel the elation and knowingness that was present during her NDE. In 2008 as she picked up Eric Pearl’s book “The Reconnection: Heal Others, Heal Yourself” she was struck by a powerful electrical sensation. “The Reconnection opened a portal to a timeless knowingness across many planes of existence. What unfolded during The Reconnective Healing Sessions was similar to my NDE but there was so much more.” Joan Fowler received her formal education in Engineering at the United States Military Academy West Point. In 2009 she left a successful Engineering career to explore Healing.  She is currently an Associate Instructor for The Reconnection and has taught and presented at healing events around the world.  She also has an MBA and is a certified Hatha Yoga Teacher.

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Bruce Greyson

Why Near-Death Experiences Matter: Changed Lives and Chopped Liver

Healthcare-Educ-Research-Science | Friday | Keynote Presentation

A rich literature has developed about NDEs, focusing on their frequency, common features, possible physiological and psychological causes, and common aftereffects. This information has been greeted by the public, to a large extent, as comforting entertainment, and it has been dismissed by scientists, to a large extent, as meaningless tricks of the brain. Are NDEs more than that? Are they important enough to demand the serious attention of both scientists and the public? I argue that NDEs are far more than entertainment or brain tricks, but in fact are critically important to experiencers, to scientists, and to the public at large. I will outline why NDEs matter to experiencers, why they matter for our scientific view of the relationship between mind and brain and for scientific ideas of survival of consciousness after death, why they matter for how we provide medical care, and finally why they matter for how we all lead our lives and view our role in the universe.

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Nicole Gruel

8 Transcendent Gifts Arising from NDEs and Other NOTEs (non-ordinary transcendent experiences)

Healthcare-Educ-Research-Science | Friday | Concurrent Presentation

This presentation shares experiencer stories and key findings from doctoral research that explored if and how personality plays a role in life-changing NOTEs (non-ordinary transcendent experiences), their aftereffects, and the meaning experiencers make of them. Examples of NOTEs include NDEs, NDLEs, kundalini awakenings, out-of-body experiences, revelation, divine encounters, paranormal experiences, psychedelic experiences, spiritual crises, and other STEs. The findings suggest there are transcendent dimensions to personality that are “switched on” or enhanced by profound NOTEs. These transcendent dimensions provide indications of the types of gifts experiencers come to know through their experience(s), often significantly shaping their life after their experience(s) and may eventually become gifts they choose to share with others.

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Joyce Hawkes

Near Death or Not: Open Your Healing Gift

General Session | Thursday | Concurrent Presentation

Transformative experiences such as NDE’s and spiritual awakenings frequently open people to healing in unexpected ways. Awareness begins to develop about healing at physical, emotional and spiritual levels. As a cell biologist/biophysicist I learned a lot about the body’s amazing ability to recover and renew, and after my NDE that knowledge became integrated with a gift for energy healing. In this session you will learn how to recognize your innate healing nature and expand that gift. I’ll show you images of the healing process of cells that are going on inside of you constantly. You can also experience healing in action and learn to deeply connect the dimensions of the ‘other side’ with your earthly here and now for yourself, your family, and in service to others.

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Scarlett Heinbuch & David Schwartz

Waking Up To Love: Aftereffects of a Shared Near-Death Experience

General Session | Thursday | Concurrent Presentation

David and Scarlett have made dramatic changes in their lives due to their SNDE in 2005, including publishing a book, Waking Up To Love: Our Shared Near-Death Encounter Brought Miracles, Recovery and Second Chances in 2018. Scarlett has worked with several other people with equally dramatic recoveries, including someone on the brink of death from a suicide attempt, one with a stroke/brain hemorrhage from a rare congenital birth defect; and one who had a surgical complication from routine gall bladder surgery with near fatal results. David provides healing in the recovery community. Scarlett & David met for the first time during a shared NDE that spontaneously occurred in September 2005 when David was on the brink of death. He had been in an unresponsive coma for nearly four weeks, on a ventilator for life support and in complete kidney failure due to a rare form of vasculitis —Wegener’s Granulomatosis. While working with David, they had a shared near-death experience (SNDE) in which they met in a spiritual dimension of living liquid light and love, resulting in an unexplained medical recovery for David and an unexpected love connection for them both.

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Mary Helen Hensley

Bringing Death to Life

General Session | Saturday | Concurrent Presentation

With a September 6, 2018 UK/ Irish publication of her new book, Bringing Death To Life, Dr. Hensley will discuss some of the topics that she and her co-authors have covered, ranging from, signs and messages, the practicalities of assisting in the death process and profound spiritual discoveries made by three of the four authors during their own NDEs. Narrated by the voice of number one best-selling author(twenty-two times over) Patricia Scanlan, authors and experiencers Aidan Storey(Angel Healer), Pamela Young(Spirit Medium) and Dr. Mary Helen Hensley(Chiropractor/Metaphysician) have created a book which is the first of its kind. Dr. Hensley’s book, Promised By Heaven, gives a detailed account of her NDE and its subsequent impact on her life as a healer. She has just finished a book entitled Understanding is the New Healing based on healing sessions she has conducted over the last twenty years utilizing gifts acquired following her NDE. Each of these subjects will be woven together in a delightfully humorous yet informative presentation, allowing each listener to empower themselves with the knowledge that we already are that which we seek.

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Jose Hernandez & Laurence Martin

After-Death Communication Panel

General Session | Thursday | Concurrent Presentation

Jose Hernandez: The Art of Dying: The core belief that nothing exists outside of what we can see and touch and that we are fighting to survive in an unconscious, indifferent universe greatly affects how we interact with others and with the world around us. The NDE profoundly demonstrates to the experiencer the fallacy of that view and opens us up to a whole new world of experience right here in these very same bodies. While there can be great challenges in letting go of the old paradigm with the associated loss of the old belief structure, relationships and habits, the effort required to embrace and learn new ways is indescribably worth every struggle. Letting go of the old limitations, embracing new and expanded horizons, and allowing the flow of source energy to move you and through you opens the door to new gifts and abilities that were previously non-existent or dormant and into a deeper connectedness with the world.

Laurence Martin: Self-Love and Surrendering to the Universe: A shared death experience at my Mother’s death in 2006 brought me to “the other side”. I remained “there” for a whole week. Edmonde’s life had been ravaged by extreme self-hatred. This had led her to view her children as enemies, even as babies. This is a powerful story of total Forgiveness and Love, culminating shortly before Edmonde’s last breath when I became infused with an extraordinary Energy I had no idea could exist. Words cannot describe the magnitude of the heavenly feelings in my body. As I was consumed by an out of this world burning Love for Edmonde, I saw the extraordinary magnificence of who she truly was. She was radiating the infinite innocence of a new born. She died fully alive! In these moments I was flooded with astounding revelations: I am this indescribable Energy in physical form; It is the most powerful thing in the Universe and it can heal anything. Many others followed. It took me years of struggle to finally accept that I had awakened to my true nature, realizing that Self-Love and surrendering myself to the Universe would allow me to experience my divine reality in my earthly costume.

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Susie Herrick & Janet Elizabeth Colli

Arriving On a Song: The psychotherapeutic effects of atonement from the other side

Healthcare-Educ-Research-Science | Saturday | Concurrent Presentation

I recently published a memoir about an experience I had with my father that enabled me to emotionally transform internal misogyny into a vibrant feminine voice. This book opened the door for the co-authoring of a timely and similarly themed self-help book with Elle Luna, released by Workman Publishing on March 8th 2018 for Women’s Day. The event that catalyzed the dark-night preceding this heroine’s journey was the not so unusual experience of a heartbreaking divorce. Why the first book was so difficult to finally finish after writing it for nine years by 2011 was a mystery until my ex-husband died suddenly, offering an intriguing twist to the ending of my story. I was familiar with after-death-communications (ADCs) because I had experienced them throughout my life and professionally (as an educator and psychotherapist) had familiarized myself with NDEs. So when I received an ADC from my former husband I was surprised, but not unprepared. What I was unprepared for was how comprehensive this ADC was, for the profound emotional effect it had me, the similarities it had to an NDE experience, to the Bardo research I had done based on my time in Tibet, and on the events that followed.

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Ingrid Honkala & William Taylor

Near-Death Experiencer Panel #2

General Session | Friday | Concurrent Presentation

Ingrid Honkala: A Brightly Guided Life, a Gift from a NDE: The beginning of the awakening of my conscious awareness came to me when I drowned in a tank of frigid water, when I was almost three. During my NDE, I experienced myself as a Being of Light and realized that I was much more than my physical form. After returning I felt detached from my body and knew that my biological parents where not really my parents. I didn’t feel like a child anymore and preferred to be with adults. Soon after I started to see and communicate with Beings of Light (BOL) and through time I discovered that I have extrasensory perception and psychic abilities that I have been able to use to access higher order wisdom to help others. But I have not done this alone I have been guided throughout my whole life by the BOL. However, my path has not been easy. For most of my life I felt different and alone and unable to relate with most people. When I was five the BOL said to me, “Someday your experience will talk for you.” Today the meaning of this message is clear to me, that my hardships are enabling me to relate and help others.

William Taylor: The Last Jedi in a Human World, an Experiencer’s Point of View: NDErs have just been introduced to the gift of knowledge of unconditional love and the mechanics of the universe. Is it the NDEr that has aftereffects or have they just been reminded of who they really are and where they come from? Is this gift of new knowledge an aftereffect? Are the NDErs now the normal ones? What about the non-NDE humans? Are they the ones with aftereffects of being human? What are those aftereffects? Can you exist in both worlds simultaneously? Where do you find your “real” world? Is the difficulty of coming back to a reality of this world one of a misunderstanding of who you are and where you belong?

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Barbara Ireland

My Gift of Near-Death: How I Learned To Stop Negative Thoughts

General Session | Sunday | Concurrent Presentation

Everything begins with your thoughts. What you think leads to how you feel; how you feel leads to what action you’ll take next. So if your first thought is, “I’m not good enough,” “I’m so fat and I hate my body!” or “I’m such an idiot,” your emotions take a nose-dive. Our physical energy lowers, we become anxious, our self esteem crashes. Sadly, any actions (or inactions) we take in those states often end up supporting the original thought-belief. The truth is, an enormous number of our negative thoughts are unconscious. As a result, we end up with painful emotions and unhealthy behaviors – based on those thoughts – that harm our self worth and happiness – and we don’t even realize we’re doing this. This was the gift of my incredible 4-hour life review during my NDE: understanding the devastating effects of “Mind Loops” – negative thoughts that get stuck in a pattern, like a crazed hamster on a wheel. When I “came back” from my NDE, I dove into researching the neuroscience behind negative thinking – and most importantly, how to change entrenched neural pathways that cause looping thought patterns. I now train individuals and corporations to stop negative Mind Loops to raise self esteem and lower worry and anxiety. The result is astoundingly increased confidence, happiness, and peace of mind.

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Debbie James & Bev Byers

NDE 101: Everything you always wanted to know about NDEs

General Session | Thursday | Concurrent Presentation

Debbie James, RN, PhD, and Bev Byers, RN, EdD, will present an introductory lecture for those people who are new to the Near-Death Experience (NDE) field. They will present the basic information on NDEs, including the incidence of NDEs, the main features of NDEs, and the typical after-effects of NDEs. Best Practices in the delivery of quality nursing care of patients touched by near-death experiences (NDEs) is impacted by increased knowledge of the all aspects of the phenomenon. Registered Nurses may implement strategies to promote disclosure of a Near-Death Experience and support building and fostering relationships after an NDE. This interactive session will provide a diverse approach to and regard for the essentials. Participants will be invited to discuss personal and professional insight and approaches to care giving.

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Marcie Klevens

Moving From Fear to Empowerment Through a Lifetime of Paranormal Experience

General Session | Friday | Concurrent Presentation

There are many roads that lead us to spiritual transformation. The road I took was off the beaten path. I’m a psychotherapist in Seattle and a lifelong experiencer of the paranormal. I have spent my life researching and attempting to grapple with experiences that left me feeling lost and alone, with a growing mountain of questions. I have struggled to find my footing in a culture that denies the reality of experiences that transformed my life in profound ways. I have seen first hand the amount of stress a secret like this can be on a family system and how hard it is to function on a daily basis under it’s weight. I know what it’s like to live a dissociated, compartmentalized life, as I attempted to fit into society. I spent the first half of my life trying to deny the reality of the double life I led and the second, working to figure out how to integrate it. The phenomenon facilitated a shift in my consciousness and the way I perceive the world. I’ve learned how to integrate these two realities and finally become whole and it is my journey that I will be discussing.

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Robert Kopecky

How to Get to Heaven (Without Really Dying): Lessons From a Three-Time NDE Survivor

General Session | Thursday | Concurrent Presentation

In the context of my book “How to Get to Heaven (Without Really Dying), Wisdom From a Near-Death Survivor,” Llewellyn Books, March 2018. A description and examination of my three very different NDEs. An exploration into the qualities of NDE experience associated to our ideas of “Heaven;” and the different natures of NDEs as inter-dimensional phenomena—their personal and cultural exclusivities, and their “custom-made” qualities. The extra-dimensional relationship of our “spiritual self” with what I call Divine Consciousness—including how our karma shapes and forms our lives (reflected in our NDEs), as well as how it defines our realization of “Heaven” as a state-of-being, not a location (the idea that “illusion” does not end in the afterlife). How may I account for the differences in my three NDEs, and what were the three very powerful, timeless lessons of each? How do these eternal principles define and shape every life we live—including our recognition of the Divine (“The Field of Love”), our synchronicitous relationships, and our spiritual responsibilities. Asking what is ‘death’ actually, and why do our souls require the death experience? Ending with how do NDEs inform our ongoing human role as stewards of a potential spiritual Heaven-on-Earth?

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Terry Larkin, James Macartney, & Sharon Milliman

Near-Death Experiencer Panel #1

General Session | Saturday | Concurrent Presentation

Terry Larkin: Wake Up and Live in Greatness! Terry offers insights to audiences through her understanding of how Near-Death Experiences can shape a healthy and happy authentic life, or one filled with anxiety. Terry uses her own 1982 death experience to share with others her momentous journey to awaken consciously. Her spiritually transformative path guided her desperate search for answers. A natural teacher of 30 years and her sense of humor help audiences feel comfortable with their own spiritual journey. Researching in the areas of science, brain research, and natural healing modalities, Terry relates her serious health problems that began plaguing her in 2006. She shows how she was able to revisit her NDE “healing” message, combine researched knowledge, and bring herself to quality health today.Terry’s life led her to many fascinating cultural and mystical experiences as she led environmental workshops for middle and high school students into the Amazon Basin of Peru, hiking the Inca Trail, and exploring the varied eco-systems in Costa Rica and Kenya. She uses these stories creatively to help others process their own experiences. Her messages share our oneness, navigating life, and helping one another. She offers practical techniques to help others grow in health through her hands-on workshops.

Jim Macartney: New Creations in Wake of Sudden Death Experiences: Building upon the foundation built from the lecture and workshop, practical application of its premises are being addressed to challenges facing physics, and can potentially be equally successful when applied to problems facing field of medicine that currently limits itself to mechanistic responses to disease and disability. A sister to the small group discussion mapping a consciousness based universe can be focused on the field of medicine and its capacity for evolution to embrace consciousness as key to healing and wellbeing, which can be readily assembled for presentation at the 2018 IANDS conference. Abstract: Integration of Jim Macartney’s NDE in 1997 culminated in his articulation of the Creation Cycle published as a book in 2010, and since his second sudden death in 2012, he’s been writing an intuitively derived map of how consciousness forms the basis of all creation. Jim’s NDE merging toward total unity is used as a metaphor to choose to remap the universe as emanating from downward causation, originating from singularity of wholeness, or unity consciousness. Building upon the foundation constructed from the lecture and workshop the discussion group will explore implications for downward causation of the universe from unity consciousness as well as ways to objectify current observations within a novel context of downward causation. The group will focus on one element—the intergalactic redshift—remapping its mechanisms in the context of a static universe, and actively searching for ways of validating or falsifying its conclusions. If found to have merit, the group is encouraged to continue efforts to pursue further confirmation of its premises, and to enlarge the scope of inquiry to address other problems facing the present theory of the Big Bang.

Sharon Milliman: Lightning to Enlightenment: Because of having three near-death experiences and numerous spiritually transformative experiences, Sharon Milliman has a deep interest in how God moves through the lives of herself and others, making her a pilgrim and supporter to many within the NDE community as well as her broader community.  She does this through listening, giving voice to her experiences and through her inspirational writing. Sharon works to promote God’s unconditional love to a hurting world.

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Paula Lenz & Janice Holden

NDE-Related Experiences: Their Assessment and Aftereffects

Healthcare-Educ-Research-Science | Saturday | Concurrent Presentation

Researchers have suggested that experiences similar to yet different from near-death experiences (NDEs) contain many of the same features and aftereffects. In this presentation, we consider the case of Paula Lenz. Following her brother’s sudden accidental death, Paula had a spontaneous experience that was a combination shared-death experience (SDE) and after-death communication (ADC). In this presentation, she will describe this experience, subsequent experiences, and their ongoing psychospiritual gifts. Then Jan will discuss how she used the Near-Death Experience Scale to assess Paula’s initial experience as well as the ADC of another case study subject and will compare aftereffects of these NDE-related experiences with those of NDEs, providing additional support to the idea that these various experiences are, indeed, related.

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David Maginley

On the Edge of Immortality: The Power of NDEs in Preparing Patients for the Final Journey

Healthcare-Educ-Research-Science | Thursday | Concurrent Presentation

NDEs have an astonishing power to supplant our fear of death with expectation and even heartache for what is to come: our ultimate transformation. For hospital patients, this aftereffect is the greatest gift of the experience. If they quickly receive support, there tends to be more rapid integration of the NDE, and decreased existential dissonance before death. The effect this can have on loved ones is equally profound, helping them be deeply present in wonder, just as they are being swallowed by grief. Explore with hospital chaplain David Maginley the beautiful, transformative effect NDEs can have at the end of life, as well as the destabilizing impact that comes with increased psychic ability and shifts in foundational beliefs. Learn of the deep effects his own NDE had on his life, including angelic encounters and healing gifts. Through moving stories and tender humor, David brings you to the bedside to encounter ordinary people realizing their extraordinary potential as they touch, for that eternal moment, the love from which we flow.

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Deborah Mata

Stories of Healing a Divided Consciousness: A Deeper Understanding of the Gifts

General Session | Saturday | Concurrent Presentation

Presenter, a psychotherapist, owner of Uncommon Wisdom Counseling Services, LLC, will facilitate a discussion sharing her unique therapeutic healing modality which incorporates: * Indigenous wisdom * Vedic systems including seven Chakra energy centers * Jungian psychology of the Unconscious * Twelve-step recovery’s Higher Power concept, with focus on treating her psychotherapeutic clients while in non-ordinary states of consciousness. Informed by a decade work with trauma survivors facilitating their healing integration, these survivors in presenter’s practice have experienced NDE’s, spiritual transformations, and After Death Communication (ADC’s). NDE’s can create a cascade of new information to process. This can give rise to a newfound consciousness. Helpful integration from a therapist or healer, can lead to a full-circle sharing of gifts created from this shift. For a hands-on demonstration, there will be a short ten-minute guided visualization led by the facilitator. A question and answer discussion will follow, along with time to process the meditation experience.

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Robert & Suzanne Mays

Near-Death Experiences: Elucidating the True Nature of Reality

Healthcare-Educ-Research-Science | Thursday | Concurrent Presentation

Near-death experiences (NDEs) imply that there is a transmaterial, transcendent aspect to human beings. NDErs report hyperreal experiences of both the physical realm and a transcendent realm. In both realms, NDErs report obtaining veridical information that would be impossible through ordinary physical senses and report encounters with deceased persons and spiritual beings. NDErs frequently describe a transition between the two realms. We propose that the physical and the transcendent or spiritual realms are both real. From NDE evidence, the transcendent realm interpenetrates and is coextensive with the physical realm and is more fundamental than the physical–it is a “fifth dimension” of reality. Human beings are transcendent, spiritual beings united with a physical-energetic bodily sheath. There is confirmatory evidence of this view from such death-related phenomena as veridical shared death experiences, veridical after-death communications, veridical mediumship communications and verified cases of reincarnation memories. Other theories of consciousness proposing that transcendent phenomena derive from nonlocal, quantum-level physical phenomena fail to explain the NDE phenomena fully, in particular NDErs’ experience as an individuated spiritual being encountering other individuated spiritual beings. This view helps elucidate ultimate questions: Who am I? What is the purpose of physical life? Why does a loving God allow suffering and evil to exist?

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Mary Neal

Living in Joy means Living in Trust or Joy Born out of Heaven's Lessons

General Session | Saturday | Keynote Presentation

I have spoken to the IANDS group in the past regarding my 1999 NDE after drowning while kayaking in South America. In the past, I have focused primarily on the story-telling aspect of my experience and less on the lessons contained within the experience. I have discovered that what I learned not only that changed my own life, but these lessons have the ability to change the daily life of others. In sharing these lessons with other people, I hope to show that the joy-filled life that was borne of my transformational NDEs is available to all people, not just those who have had a spiritually profound experience.

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Marcy Neumann and Mary Jo Bulbrook

Healer Panel

General Session | Thursday | Concurrent Presentation

Marcy Neumann: You Lived, You Died, You’re living Again. Now What? Have you experienced emotional trauma as the result of an NDE that left you reeling in its wake? Have you experienced feeling confused, guilty, rejected or isolated from the rest of the world as a result? The glimpsing of ‘Heaven’ and living to ‘talk about it’ is a challenge that often becomes greater in time rather than time producing a greater sense of ease. The NDE experience is unique in that time unfolds the experience. Layers of details once lodged in the memory begin to surface out of thin air. Slowly, the realization that you have seen, heard, visited what others only dream about is quite real. Then comes the dread…what does it all mean? Have you been rejected by Heaven or, sent back as its messenger? Either option is impossible to wrap your head around. You slowly begin to realize that the bits and pieces of your recurrent dream is a call and something much bigger, grander than you is doing the calling. When this reality hits, you have a choice to either recoil or launch. Why you? Now what? How do you move past the fear and start to live the messages of Love you were given to deliver?

Mary Jo Bulbrook: After-Effects Re-Integration using Energy Therapies for Near-Death Experience’rs: A Near-Death Experience alters significantly the integrity of a person’s energy system that supports all life functions including physical, emotional, mental and spiritual dimensions. This experiential workshop describes the energy system, addresses what to look for in NDE and STE as energy dysfunctions and misalignment based on bio-psycho-social-spiritual energetic dynamics can occur. Included are strategies to heal, manage and address the After Effects that challenged the person, their family, friends, religious organization and health professionals to an expanded world view. This workshop is based on over 50 years using holistic, energetic and psychotherapeutic approaches dealing with health and healing. Includes incorporating indigenous teachings when appropriate, discussion of mental health and / or nursing applications for out of body, near death and spiritual transformative experiences.

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Jeffery Olsen & Jeff O’Driscoll

Doctor-Patient Near-Death & Shared Death Experiences; The Gifts and Aftermath

General Session | Thursday | Special Evening Presentation

When Jeffery Olsen had his horrific automobile accident, experiencing his own NDE, his Level One Trauma Physician also had an amazing Shared-Death Experience while overseeing Olsen’s care. Best selling author and international speaker Jeffery Olsen is now joined with Dr. Jeff O’Driscoll, MD as they share their perspectives from both the doctor and patient experiences surrounding the incredible gifts manifested out of the Near-Death, Shared-Death and Out-of-Body Experiences. Dr. O’Driscoll experienced communications from Olsen’s deceased wife, who was killed instantly at the scene of their traumatic accident, while Olsen was having a near-death experience of his own and is now willing to share publicly as well.

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Peter Panagore

A Stranger Living In a Strange Land: A Secret Inner Life

General Session | Thursday | Concurrent Presentation

My presentation begins with a six-minute descriptive poetry reading over twenty slides lasting six minutes to catch-up the audience about my first NDE while ice climbing so that we have a common starting place to talk about living with, and cultivating, the strange aftereffects of NDE.My aftereffects story includes the usual—electromagnetic interference, breaking watches, love of all, dream visions, near constant déjà vu, non-attachment, feeling alien, longing for Heaven, depression, naiveté, struck by lightening, no fear of death, hearing plants, seeing the dead, a change in the course of my life, knowing I am an immortal soul and living as if I am, intimate interactions with wild animals (my grown children call me Snow White), etc. I will focus on sharing the unusual and deeper aftereffects of NDE such as repeated, witnessed, and prolonged states of Divine Mystical Union, the resulting divine healing and wisdom messages that marked my soul that came from each OBE event. I will share the practical spiritual tools that I have used for forty years to open my mind and open my heart to transportive and uplifting grace of God, the Nameless One. I end with a 1: 55-minute production that I shot on my iPhone in 2016 for TV of when I returned to the place I died and found more healing.

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Louisa Peck

How Post-NDE Prescience, Telepathy, & Clairvoyant Dreaming Supplanted my Addictions with Faith

General Session | Thursday | Concurrent Presentation

I was an adamant atheist when I snorted a gram of lidocaine sold to me as cocaine in 1982. Despite a vivid NDE including an encounter with a presence in the light, I remained atheist for over a decade as my addictions worsened. Three “impossible” paranormal after-effects intruded on my materialist reality before the pain of hitting bottom brought me to AA, in light of which I offered my first skeptical prayer. Boom! Paranormal knowings, foretellings, and lifesaving warnings filled the next decade, strengthening my sobriety and snuffing out the last of my atheism.

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William Peters & Monica Williams

Engaging the Morphic Field in the Dying Process: How to empower patients and their loved ones to harvest the gifts

Healthcare-Educ-Research-Science | Sunday | Concurrent Presentation

Explore the gifts that are available in the morphic field of death itself- for those who are presently entering into it themselves (the dying), those who enter it to care for the dying (healthcare, spiritual care and mental healthcare providers and caregivers) and those who pass through it (experiencers of all kinds- NDErs, SDErs, STErs, etc), We will examine the gifts that occur in this phase of existence that are currently underappreciated and often misunderstood. What can be mined from this stage and brought back into our consensus reality to positively transform and enrich our daily lives?

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Bettina Peyton and Marjorie Woollacott

Does the Experience of the Primacy of Consciousness in NDEs Transform Lives?

Healthcare-Educ-Research-Science | Friday | Concurrent Presentation

Near Death Experiences have commonalities with peak experiences in other aspects of life, but they have a key characteristic that is different from other peak experiences. They are transformational, that is, they create a dramatic change in the person’s life. What elements of the NDE are essential to this transformational process? In this presentation we will describe case studies of NDEs to find clues to the essential elements contributing to transformation; we will complement these studies with evidence from scientific studies on NDEs examining significant transformation changes across the NDE population. Studies suggest that it is the experience of discovering that, as one NDEr stated, “I am not this body; I realize that consciousness is primary and it is the substratum of all that exists” that is the key to transformation.”

Bettina Peyton, M.D.: When Dr. Bettina Peyton almost died, she had a powerful spiritual awakening. It was a pivotal experience that would prove to have a profound and enduring impact on her life. Dr. Peyton subsequently switched the focus of her medical career to caring exclusively for patients in the final phase of life. One of the first physicians in the country to be board-certified in Hospice and Palliative Medicine, Dr. Peyton helped establish and direct New Hampshire’s first free-standing inpatient hospice. Now retired, she is writing a memoir.

Marjorie Hines Woollacott, PhD, has been a neuroscience professor at the University of Oregon for more than three decades and a meditator for almost four. Her research has been funded by the National Institutes of Health and the National Science Foundation. Her most recent book is Infinite Awareness: The Awakening of a Scientific Mind, which explores scientific studies supporting the premise that consciousness functions beyond the mind. She has also co-authored a popular textbook for health professionals and has written more than 180 peer-reviewed research articles, several of which were on meditation, the topic that motivated her to write her latest book.

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Wren Richardson, Susanne Seymoure, & Nancy Sullivan

Near-Death Experiencer Panel #3

General Session | Thursday | Concurrent Presentation

Wren Richardson: Messages from the other side in the Operating Room: A near-death experience caused by a reaction to anesthesia, allows the author, Wren Richardson, to provide a profoundly healing message to a surgical assistant. After her NDE, she awoke from anesthesia and was able to look at all of the people in the operating room and perceive energy patterns that allowed her to feel and understand their life experiences (consciousness). Using this temporary form of perception, she sees that one of the operating assistants has a dark spot in his energy pattern, which to her feels like he is stricken with grief from losing someone he loved. Wren conveys this to the operating assistant and then provides a message from the other side (from an entity) that offers a healing transformation for his life. The message is about moving forward in life, even after we’ve lost someone we love. Wren gives an account of her transformative journey, the struggles and triumphs that occurred during the integration of her NDE and the newly found spiritual awareness of what happens when we die.

Susanne Seymoure: After effects Communication: As a 12 year old girl I was hung by my neck on a ski lift rope. Hanging was always an effective was to execute. I was left presumed dead on a snowy slope during a blizzard in 1975 for 45 minutes before volunteer help arrived. I was driven for over an hour to hospital and was called a miracle by both doctors and nuns. My mother asked me to keep it a secret so I honored her until she passed. It shaped my life and inspired me to become a Registered Nurse to help others. As a child I had to learn for many years how to recognize the after effects and to try to mainstream my gifts and insights. I also chose during my scientific studies to try and find common ground, and hoped to find ways to communicate the information to help others. I learned to do this without revealing how I obtained it. That was challenging as a child. At first as a child I thought everyone had the knowledge or gifts I had. Over time people noticed I was very helpful in problem solving. When I applied for jobs and took tests such as the Myers Briggs and others it was discovered that I excelled in problem solving skills in all of the areas. Director of Human resources said he was amazed and interviewed for 4 hours instead of the usual 30 minutes. The test is designed to locate one area at best per person. My NDE has been for 43 years and counting. It has gotten stronger and stronger with time. Information was strong as a child but has become stronger over time.

Nancy Sullivan: Near Death Experiences at Birth: We know that people who experience a NDE as a child or adult often change their perspective on life’s meaning, relationships and spirituality. But what happens when a baby is born dying, receives baptism and last sacraments within moments of birth and lives only after a 100% blood transfusion? How do they live their lives differently? What are their expectations and understandings of life? What happens when they are faced with ‘what life is supposed to be’, vs. their ‘knowing’? As a survivor of a NDE as an infant I have learned that it creates both gifts and challenges as life progresses. You live with a philosophy and an inexplicable ‘knowing’ that others cannot understand. Eventually, faced with the feedback that how you see life is somehow ‘wrong’ or ‘impossible’, you begin to question your core beliefs and search for explanations. After many years, I have begun to unravel that extraordinary experience, and understand what it means in my life; how it impacts those around me, and how different it is from a ‘later life’ NDE…and how it continues to evolve!

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Jessica Schmit

Metaphysical Beliefs and Experiences Among Physician Trainees

Healthcare-Educ-Research-Science | Thursday | Concurrent Presentation

In Spring of 2014, we conducted a survey of physician trainees (residents and fellows) at the University of Florida. Our primary aim was to understand the various factors that influence a physician trainees’ comfort with end-of-life care and these results have been previously published. Our secondary aim was to characterize the attitudes and beliefs held by physician trainees regarding “metaphysical” experiences and results are presented further. We found that 10% of the physicians who responded to our survey reported that they had had an experience they considered metaphysical in nature. An additional 23% of physicians responded ‘maybe’ or ‘unsure’ to the same question. Compared to those who answered ‘no’, physicians who thought they had (or may have had) a metaphysical experience were much more likely to feel comfortable caring for dying patients. They also had less fear of death, greater spirituality (without increased religiosity), and were more likely to believe in an afterlife. Furthermore, they were more likely to state that metaphysical experiences were ‘real’, as opposed to being caused by biochemical disturbance. Our findings support that having a transcendental experience is common, even among medical professionals, and results in lasting positive effects on the individual.

Noelle St. Germaine-Sehr & Janice Holden

Induced After-Death Communication: Unique Benefits in Grief Counseling

Healthcare-Educ-Research-Science | Saturday | Concurrent Presentation

Spontaneous after-death communication (ADC)–encounter with a deceased person–is commonly reported in near-death experiences and is reported overall by one in three people. Experiencers who are bereaved almost always report that the experience eased their grief. At an IANDS conference over a decade ago, psychologist Allan Botkin reported on his discovery and development of Induced After-Death Communication (IADC), a counseling technique to facilitate a grieving client to have an experience of ADC with the deceased loved one. We describe the results of the first-ever study of the comparative effects of traditional grief counseling and IADC on grief among adults from the North Texas region. We include case examples and discuss implications for clinical mental health professionals and future researchers.

Scott Taylor

Touch That Space Again

General Session | Friday | Concurrent Presentation

Most NDErs come back from their experience wanting to touch that space again. Many try for years and become frustrated in their attempts. Others, having heard about NDEs would like to have the experience, but wisely avoid the accompanying physical trauma. We’ve known for years that some people have NDEs spontaneously while in deep meditation. We also know that binaural beat technology can hold awareness in a very specific vibratory level for extended periods of time. This presentation delves into the conditions necessary for exploring the nonphysical universe of the NDE using tested technology and tools. We discuss the efficacy of using meditation to visit the tunnel, departed relatives or divine beings. And we address common questions of Why explore? How similar are these to “real” NDE aftereffects? What deeper understanding this type of meditation bring to life in the physical universe? What potential does it hold for the general public? Dr. Taylor has been facilitating workshops using The Monroe Institute’s binaural beat technology, Hemi-Sync, for over 30 years. He has presented NDE trainings all over the US and most recently in Canada and France. More than 10,000 people use his best-selling NDE CD series, “Into the Light.”

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Janie Thompson & Janice Holden

After the NDE: Managing the Challenges of Spontaneous Mediumship Experiences

Healthcare-Educ-Research-Science | Friday | Concurrent Presentation

Researchers have recently identified the near-death experience (NDE) aftereffect of spontaneous mediumship experiences (SMEs) in which the experiencer (NDEr) is visited uninvited by a deceased entity asking the NDEr to do their bidding, most often to convey a message to another living person. This workshop will be provided by two people: a mental health professional specializing in transpersonal experiences and aftereffects, and an NDEr who experienced numerous aftereffects, may of them challenging or distressing such as SMEs—and who developed strategies to cope effectively with them. Together the workshop presenters will provide SMErs with a forum in which to discuss their experiences and share coping strategies.

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Pim van Lommel

Nonlocal Consciousness A concept based on scientific studies on Near-Death Experience

General Session | Sunday | Keynote Presentation

According to our current medical concepts, it is not possible to experience consciousness during a cardiac arrest, when circulation and breathing have ceased. But during the period of unconsciousness due to a life-threatening crisis like cardiac arrest patients may report the paradoxical occurrence of enhanced consciousness experienced in a dimension without our conventional concept of time and space, with cognitive functions, with emotions, with self-identity, with memories from early childhood and sometimes with (non-sensory) perception out and above their lifeless body. Since the publication of these prospective studies on NDE in survivors of cardiac arrest, with strikingly similar results and conclusions, the phenomenon of the NDE can no longer be scientifically ignored. It is an authentic experience which cannot be simply reduced to imagination, fear of death, hallucination, psychosis, the use of drugs, or oxygen deficiency, and people appear to be permanently changed by an NDE during a cardiac arrest of only some minutes duration. According to these studies, the current materialistic view of the relationship between the brain and consciousness held by most physicians, philosophers and psychologists is too restricted for a proper understanding of this phenomenon.

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Carol Vengroff

Discover Six Myths and Six Truths Revealed in my Near-Death Experience and How These Gifts Can Help You Gain a Deeper Understanding of Your Higher Self

General Session | Saturday | Concurrent Presentation

Is there an Afterlife? Where did you come from and where do you return to? Is it possible that you have had a Near-Death Experience but have forgotten? NDE’s can hold vital clues and profound evidence when searching for a more meaningful, deeper understanding of universal knowledge, love, hope, joy, peace, compassion, your origin, your higher self and your connection to all. Each NDE is as unique as the experiencer and will resonate differently for each being. The myths and truths from my NDE, have had an extraordinary effect on my life, and have aligned others with memories, feelings and a timeless place deep within, giving comfort, peace of mind, a hope filled outlook on life and a benevolent connection to all.

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Monica Williams & William Peters

Engaging the Morphic Field in the Dying Process: How to empower patients and their loved ones to harvest the gifts

Healthcare-Educ-Research-Science | Sunday | Concurrent Presentation

Explore the gifts that are available in the morphic field of death itself- for those who are presently entering into it themselves (the dying), those who enter it to care for the dying (healthcare, spiritual care and mental healthcare providers and caregivers) and those who pass through it (experiencers of all kinds- NDErs, SDErs, STErs, etc), We will examine the gifts that occur in this phase of existence that are currently underappreciated and often misunderstood. What can be mined from this stage and brought back into our consensus reality to positively transform and enrich our daily lives?

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