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The International Association for Near-Death Studies (IANDS)
is the most reliable source of information on NDEs.

What IANDS Does: 

— Publishes the scholarly, peer-reviewed Journal of Near-Death Studies

— Supports IANDS-affiliated groups around the world

— Offers weekly live virtual sharing and theme groups

— Organizes weekly virtual talks, classes, and workshops

— Holds annual conferences, symposiums, and special events

— Collects accounts of NDEs and related experiences

— Supports research into near-death and related phenomena

— Provides education and support programs for military experiencers and veterans

— Engages in professional educational initiatives for healthcare providers

— Communicates regularly with our large membership base

— Produces the quarterly Vital Signs magazine

— Publishes groundbreaking books such as The Self Does Not Die and The Big Book of NDEs

IANDS, a 501 c3 nonprofit organization, is the premiere informational and networking center in the field of near-death studies, the first organization in the world devoted to exploring near-death and similar experiences. Members are researchers, laypeople, academics, and caregivers; experiencers and non-experiencers; professionals and the general public; from every continent but Antarctic. IANDS’s mission, vision, and current strategic goals can be found here.

Like IANDS itself, the Association’s publications and programs are unique. The quarterly magazine, Vital Signs, and the scholarly, peer-reviewed Journal of Near-Death Studies provide information and intelligent discussion generally not available anywhere else.

Around the US and Canada, 50 or so local groups meet regularly, with more in Europe, Australia, and Asia.  For its periodic conferences, IANDS pulls in top speakers, experiencers, researchers, and interested people for education, sharing, networking, and friendship.


IANDS Sharing Groups and Events is a global online meeting space created for near-death and other related experiencers of the extraordinary that meet online to learn, share and grow.Offerings include experiencer groups, theme groups, webinars, and courses. In addition ISGO presents a monthly Stellar Speakers Series, as well as various other outstanding speaker programs.

IANDS Groups and Events: Explore New Worlds from the Comfort of Your Home


IANDS can be reached at:

2741 Campus Walk Avenue, Bldg 500
Durham, NC 27705

(919) 383-7940 (Voice) M-F 9:00 am – 5:00 pm EDT

http://www.iands.org (Website)

For Questions Pertaining to the Online Conference, email: iandsconference@gmail.com 

Conference cancellations must be done by August 7th at midnight EDT.

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