Room and Ride Share Message Board

To post a message to the room-sharing and ride-sharing forum, you need to create an account. This forum is independent of all other IANDS accounts and is solely for posting or finding a room or ride share. If you posted something previously, you need to log in again to view the responses.

If you are already familiar with this message board:

1 – You can view the messages without logging in just by scrolling down on this page.

2 – If you wish to post a message or reply to a message, you need to login first.

New Forum Users must follow these steps:

1 – Register a new account. with this forum system. (This prevents spammers.)

2 – Verify your account. – When you register, you will receive an email with an account verification link. Open that message and click the link to activate your new Forum account.

3 – Post your message to request or to offer a Room or a Ride to share. (If it’s your first message, a system admin will need to approve it before it appears.

4 – Receive responses. Any replies to your message will be sent to the email address you registered with.

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