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2024 Conference Proposals

Deadline to Submit a Proposal is Monday, February 26, 2024, by 5:00 pm ET. 

Before getting started on your proposal form, you will first need to login with your IANDS account, or create an account: 
(This will open a new window to log in and will then return to this page.)

To learn how to fill out the various conference proposal fields go here:
   – Conference Proposal Instructions

Submit a new proposal OR to continue editing a DRAFT that you saved, go here:
   – 2024 Conference Proposal Form

If you need assistance, please fill out this form:
   – Proposal Support Request Form

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If you previously saved a DRAFT, when you access the “submit a new Proposal” option above, your draft contents will be displayed for further editing.

When you are logged in and you have submitted one or more proposals, they will appear below.